Why Sip-Stick products?

With every passing year, plastic is becoming a harmful product. Be it plastic bags, storage containers or plastic straws. We read several articles over the last few years about how plastic products are harming the environment, killing our marine life and polluting the whole world. 

As per one article in a renowned global magazine, the number of plastic waste will be more than that of fish in our seas by 2050. Plastic straws are one of the major causes in harming our marine life. It takes about 200+ years for a plastic straw to decompose. 

We at Sip-Stick are dedicated in playing our part to protect the our planet and its inhabitants, so we started working on different ideas that could replace the usage of plastic straws and other single use plastic products. The brain storming led us from one idea to another and eventually we came up with several products, that are now part of our portfolio. Each and every product in our portfolio is selected by following our quality standards and by making sure it does not affect the environment in any negative way.

Unlike other materials (paper or card), our Natural Drinking Straws feature a non-porous finish, which means that you don't need to worry about them getting disintegrated or becoming soggy when making contact with liquid. Sip-Stick Natural straws are by far the best alternate to plastic and paper straws and the best thing about them is, they are 100% environment friendly. 

Sip-stick straws does not contain any harmful chemicals or coatings in production and it has already been certified and declared safe to use by FDA and LFGB for US and European markets respectively and by Dubai Municipality for the local market.