How safe are sip-stick products?
Sip-Stick product range is completely natural and safe to use. There are no harmful ingredients or chemicals used in the production or preparation of any of our products.
What sizes can we get in the straws?

The straws' length varies from 10 cm - 22 cm. We can customize the height as per the clients requirement (for bulk orders only). Due to the nature of the product , it comes in variable yet unique girth, we cannot control the girth size and it varies between 3-5mm (for natural straws) and 5-8mm (for bamboo straws). 

How are the natural straws produced?

Our natural straws are produced with 100% natural wheat stem. There are no external elements or ingredients used in producing these straws. This makes them completely biodegradable and compostable.

How are these straws packed?

The straws are packed in recycled paper box, which makes them absolutely environmental friendly. 

Can we re-use these straws?
We do not recommend to re-use our natural straws. However, our bamboo straws are good to be re-used and they come with a cleaning brush and a pouch made of linen / cotton. 
What is the packing size of straws?
Each pack has 100 straws. It can be customized based on customers requirements (for large orders)
Can we use these straws with all sort of beverages?
These straws can be used with all sorts of beverages (cold and warm temperature). It is recommended not to use any sort of straws for hot/extra hot beverages.
What is the size of coconut bowls?
Coconut shell bowl size ranges between 11-13 cm in diameter and about 6-7 cm in height.